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What secret is the Queen hiding in her clenched fists?

Illustrated by Pauline Comis

From age 4 - Éditions du Ricochet 2014

Large format hardback album, 36 pages The story: There was a kingdom. In that kingdom there was a palace, and in that palace there was a Queen. In her hands was a secret. A secret that nobody knew. One day, boats arrived by sea. In those boats was Bao-the-Terrible...

A tale that puts man back at the heart of nature.



  • Sélection CE1 Prix des INCORRUPTIBLES 2015-2016

  • Sélection Prix des P’tits loups 2016

  • Sélection Prix Chapitre Nature 2015

  • Sélection Prix littéraire “Lis la vie” des écoles de Cachan 2015

  • Sélection Albums en fête 2014-2015 Grandes Sections-CP-CE1

  • Sélection Prix du Fabulivre 2014-2015 CE2/CM1

  • Sélection Le livre élu 2015 CE2/CM1 (Besançon)



  • Interview in Enfantillages on 23 September 2020


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

A real treasure! Magnificent! Ideal for shared reading aloud! We love it! POESIA DO BEM (Brazil)
An enchanting book! ABCD Maior (Brazil)
An enchanting ecological tale with sumptuous illustrations. VIVRE LIVRE
A marvel to be read aloud. A tale to be read and reread to children aged 4 and over. BROWSING FROM BOOK TO BOOK
A marvel. A powerful ecological tale that stays with you long after you've closed it. CROQU'LIVRE
What a superb read! Gaël Aymon's gentle, poetic writing is a marvel! A L'OMBRE DU SAULE
As superb as it is effective in raising children's awareness of the environment. CULTUROPOING
What a beautiful tale! A delight! LA MARE AUX MOTS


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