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Twice nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), Gaël Aymon has worked as an actor, scriptwriter, director and producer, and has taught drama to children and teenagers. A folk tale specialist, he has been writing picture books and novels for young people (and consenting adults!) since 2010.

His books are imbued with humanism, written in a poetic or crude but always demanding style that challenges stereotypes, and have won numerous awards. Several of them have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian, Mexican and Braille.

Whether supported by Amnesty International or acclaimed in the press, his books, full of humanism, deal subtly with subjects as varied as gender equality, bullying, the construction of identity, ecology, love… He covers a wide range of literary genres, from contemporary realist novels to SF, Fantasy or Thriller, as well as Romance and picture books for younger readers. Free will is central to his work. He defends the importance of complexity and nuance, as well as fear, in children's books.

His approach to fairy tales is multi-faceted, highlighting their oldest versions or twisting them to question their modernity. His young adult novels are full of references, whether to the Grimm brothers, Perrault, The Wizard of Oz, Balzac's La Peau de chagrin, or legends long forgotten.

A tireless mediator of literature for young people, he has already met over 15,000 students in classrooms throughout France and the French-speaking world.

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