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Are you sure you know the legend?

Illustrated by Peggy Nille

Large-format hardback album, 24 pages, from age 5 - Éditions Nathan The story (based on Grimm, Pushkin and Afanasyev): It is snowing. Three snowflakes have fallen on the frosted window. In the castle, on the mountain, in the forest, a little Princess is born. "As beautiful as winter, as white as snow, she will be called Snow White", says the King in wonder. So beautiful that he already looks only at her, and the Queen's cruel heart is frozen with jealousy.

The classic tale rewritten and illustrated by an exceptional duo.

Gaël Aymon offers us a magnificent version of the tale that is both faithful to its origins and accessible to children. Peggy Nille invites us into her dreamlike world of bewitching forests and delicate princesses.

A modern, poetic Snow White, a joy to read aloud, inspired by the versions by Grimm, Pushkin and Afanasyev. It's both classic and a far cry from the Snow White you think you already know!


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

Absolutely captivating! Surely one of the best adaptations of this story! FOCUS ON LITERATURE
A sumptuous little gem that deserves a permanent place on our bookshelves. CULTURE KIDS
Enchanting writing! Grandiose! UNDER THE FOLIAGE
Powerful, rhythmic and twirling! THE SANDALS OF EMPEDOCLES
This is a jewel of an album, one that will leave you with an indelible memory.


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