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And inside the hazelnut was... a snowflake!

Illustrated by Clotilde Perrin

Tale from age 6 - Bayard Éditions - Mes 1ers J'aime Lire n°121 - 2015 (reprint of the text that appeared in print in January 2013) The story: Where the sun hides to sleep, an old man lived with his daughter. Every morning, the father left at dawn. Every evening, he brought back something to eat. And he also brought back... a story!

With a whisper, this tale speaks to very young readers about passing on stories, the pleasure of telling them, the power of stories and the imprint they leave on our lives. But also about the importance of living this life, the real life.



  • Sélection Prix des jeunes lecteurs de la ville de Nanterre 2017


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

This initiatory journey opens up a whole philosophy of existence. A beautiful story to remember. RICOCHET
A sublime tale! A breath of love, hope and life! IN THE SHADE OF THE WILLOW
A wonderful tale that unfolds with poetry and delicacy. A truly beautiful and perfectly illustrated story. St ÉTIENNE DU ROUVRAY LIBRARY


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