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Are you sure you know the legend?

Illustrated by Sébastien Pelon

Large-format hardback album with flaps and laser cut-outs, 32 pages, from age 5 - Éditions Nathan The story (based on Perrault, Grimm and Mme d'Aulnoy): In a castle deep in the woods, a party is held to celebrate the birth of a long-awaited little princess. The king and queen have invited the sovereigns of all the neighbouring countries and even the ends of the earth. They have even asked the twelve fairies of the kingdom to look after their daughter's cradle. When suddenly... Torrents of black rain veil the sun in a sad gloom. Thunder rumbles. Night falls on the castle.

The most famous of fairy tales in an event album with flaps and laser cut-outs right from the cover!


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

A powerful duo to wake up this sleeping beauty! PAGE
Careful, delicious language. The perfect edition for readers to (re)discover this tale. RICOCHET
Far from Disney's watered-down interpretation, the author drew inspiration from the Brothers Grimm for this version, which is by turns tender, furious and dark. LIBRAIRIE ENTRE LES LIGNES
A delight to read aloud. Magnificent! LA MARE AUX MOTS
A remarkable adaptation. Just sublime! DIARY OF AN ETERNAL TEENAGER


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