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Do you still love me? Then I hope this hurts. I've decided to forget you!

Novel from 13 years - Actes Sud Jeunesse - Collection Romans Ado Rentrée littéraire Ado 2014 Paperback 100 pages, and digital (Epub, Kindle...) The story: "She's here. She probably had to skip school to get to my school on time. I know she knows I've seen her. But I won't give her a second glance. I'm not going to give her a chance. It's over, you can die! Do you still love me? Then I hope it hurts. I've decided to forget you."

Yanis is madly in love with Camille. But being "sure" with a girl, taking the initiative, acting, is easier said than done. Becoming a man, yes, but what kind of man? Paralysed by doubt, Yanis is tempted to duck and run... to forget Camille. At the risk of being overtaken by his feelings.

A novel about passion and the construction of a masculine identity in adolescence.

The characters from MY REPUTATION and MY BROTHER SOUL return in this novel, with the heroines Laura and Camille providing the link between the stories.



  • PRIX AU CŒUR DES PAGES de Nort-sur-Erdre 2019

  • Programme 2016 de l’ÉDUCATION NATIONALE, lectures cursives jeunesse, classes de 4e, « Dire l’amour, dire l’absence »


  • DéfiBabelio 2015-2016 et 2016-2017

  • Sélection Prix des lycéens francophones de Turquie 2018

  • Sélection Prix C@Lire DES lycéens Fougerais 2019

  • Sélection du Prix littéraire des jeunes Caladois « Slam ta lecture » 2016

  • Sélection Prix des lycées de Rueil 2016

  • Sélection Prix Litterado 2016

  • Sélection Prix Tapage 2016


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

This short, intimate story, full of humanity, is a must-read novel for young readers this autumn. ELLE
This short, ferocious novel puts us in the head of a teenager mired in the abysmal pain of disappointment in love in a way that few novels can. (...) The radical intensity of this little gem, (from) the very first lines. Ouch, ouch, ouch! YOUNG O CENTRE
COUP DE CŒUR! Never before have so few words and so much finesse captured what it's like to be 16. Shaking authenticity. Luminous. EN QUÊTE D'UN GRAND PEUT-ÊTRE
At last, a love story told by a boy! JE BOUQUINE
Striking acuity and simplicity, and infinite tenderness for its characters. GO READ
A powerful novel about adolescence, Oublier Camille ends with a smile and a tear in the corner of your eye. LA MARE AUX MOTS

See the full press review (in French) :

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