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Max, 16, golden love in a golden prison!

Golden Valley en Roumanie
Golden Valley en Roumanie

Novel from age 14 - Gallimard Jeunesse - Collection Scripto

15th September 2016

Paperback 192 pages, and digital (Epub, Kindle...) The story: When Maximilien lands at Yangon airport in Burma, he is overwhelmed by the heat and boredom. Joining his expatriate parents in the chic district of Golden Valley was not the programme he had dreamed of that summer. But when Max meets Dolly at a party for the gilded youth, it's a shock. She was twenty years old, beautiful, brilliant and wildly attractive. Their carnal complicity is a revelation that heralds many others. After all, Dolly is also the daughter of a rich Burmese industrialist who is working with Max's father to build a hydroelectric dam...

When a meeting in love overturns all points of reference and raises political, social and individual awareness... We rebel and vibrate with Max from one end to the other of this intense novel with an exotic flavour.

Discover Max's travel secrets on his ghost Instagram page!



  • Sélection DéfiBabelio 2017-2018


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

The novel of the moment! LE PARISIEN
A gripping and engaging novel in which the author excels in mastering narrative tension. RICOCHET
Striking writing, modesty, powerful desire, intense and devastating love. An engaging and powerful novel. LIRADO
An essential novel for understanding the world and rebelling. PAGE
Gaël Aymon moves us and introduces us to sensuality with a hero who comes face to face with the reality of a people under dictatorship. Le point de côté bookshop
A passionate, feverish, sensual and immodest relationship. We already knew about Gaël Aymon's talent, but that was before we read Golden Valley. In this unputdownable novel, the author skilfully displays intense, frenzied feelings (...) without ever becoming heartbreaking or maudlin. (...) Gaël Aymon's hero's feelings are pure, untouched, unique, and we can relate to them perfectly. WE HAVE READ IT
Much more than a romance, this is a book that helps teenagers open their eyes to the world. An important subject, in a very well written novel. Sophie's reading
Written in the first person, this novel's spoken style, sometimes even crude but without vulgarity, is captivating because of its authenticity. Everything is believable. Understanding the tragedy through Max's naive and tormented eyes is one of the great strengths of this novel, which hits the nail on the head. LivrJeun Nantes
Sharp and intelligent, chiselled for teenagers. Inter CDI
A perfectly researched story. The tragedy of Max and Dolly as a couple is very moving (...) Surprising and well-crafted. Young reader
The author's style is polished, the novel intense and powerful. All the ingredients are there to raise political awareness... The author's note at the end of the novel is edifying on this subject. A good introduction to economics and politics in developing countries. Séverine's chronicles
A strong, committed plot, shocking language and an abrupt style, just like the reality with which the characters are confronted. An uncompromising story that will appeal to mature young people, aged 17 and over, who see life as something other than a long, quiet river. Transfuge (Babelio)
The carefree young student is gradually transformed into a curious citizen, and the last pages of the book are incredibly positive and full of hope. A conscience is born. Let's bet that our readers will feel the same way after closing this book... Blogamoi
A passionate - and impossible - love story coupled with a tale of family and political emancipation, written in a lively and personal tone. La revue des livres pour enfants
The whole is accurate, powerful (...) this novel is a change of scenery, makes you think and gives you a few shivers... Sophie Lit
A brilliant style.Maximilien touched me in so many ways.There's something fascinating about watching him fall. New kids on the geek
Beautiful and revolting Chez Lavinia
I won't tell you anything, just let you discover this novel (...) where the veneer of wealth cracks to reveal an unsuspected reality. An interesting awakening to the world. Bob and Jean-Michel
A short, sensual novel about learning about the world under an exotic sky. Go and read it
Incredible characters, a whirlwind of twists and turns, tact, respect (...) A touching novel The bloody smile of democracy.Gaël Aymon's electric writing (...) plays with clichés.
A sensual and exotic novel of learning. La Nouvelle République du Centre


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