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How do you choose your life? How do you reconcile love and freedom?

Novel from age 13 - Actes Sud Jeunesse - Collection Romans Ado

3rd October 2018

Paperback 130 pages, and digital (Epub, Kindle...) The story: Camille went to a top school, but she couldn't hide her plummeting grades for long. She is summoned to a meeting with her parents and the verdict is in: she needs a change of direction. She was denied the right to go out, to use the telephone, and above all she was prevented from seeing Yanis, her boyfriend, her soul brother. Camille breaks down. Is the path set out by adults really right for her? And will her love affair with Yanis withstand these trials?

This is the story of a first true love, but also of a heroine groping her way through life, refusing to bow to adult expectations...

A magnificent portrait of a key period in adolescence.

The characters from MY REPUTATION and OUBLIER CAMILLE return in this novel, whose heroine, Camille, weaves the link between the stories.



  • Sélection Prix de l’Estuaire 2020

  • Sélection Prix Kezako de la littérature jeunesse 2019


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

Gaël Aymon has found the right words and the right tone to talk about the delicate, pivotal period of adolescence, when we are searching for ourselves and asserting ourselves. BOOKSELLER PAGE
Gaël Aymon's penetrating style captures the depth of the feelings and moods in this novel, which will appeal to teenagers and adults alike, and points the finger at the arrogance of a ruthless school system. RICOCHET
A story brimming with sensuality, a direct plunge into the hearts and souls of teenagers. VESOUL & CO
A novel that will appeal to teenagers wondering about their future and help them understand their own confusion, as well as that of their parents in the face of society's demands. FREEDOM
Here we find everything I loved about 'Golden Valley': the fragility of adolescence, that tightrope from which we can fall at any moment. The need for confrontation. The need for affirmation. The meaning you want to give to your life. Read it! YAN'S NOTEBOOKS


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