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A beast, a beauty, and tears... but of diamonds!

Illustrated by Anna Griot

Extra-large format hardback album (27.3 x 37 cm), 32 pages, from age 3 - Éditions Gautier-Languereau The story: A fearsome beast with seven heads captures Beauty and takes her away to his luxurious palace. One night, Beauty discovers the true face of the Beast... Courageous, she faces a thousand trials to come to the aid of the one who cries tears of diamonds...

The classic tale of Beauty and the Beast in a brand new version.


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

The author magically takes us back to the tale of "Beauty and the Beast" and revisits it with great success! Accompanied by magnificent illustrations, this story will delight young and old alike. LIBRAIRIE RAVY
The sentences seem to swirl in a fairytale world where the language makes you want to go back to the beginning as soon as the dénouement. RICOCHET
Going to Hell has never been so colourful! THE HUNGER OF A BESPECTACLED WOLF


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