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Giga-Boy smashes the superhero cliché!

Illustrated by Cécile Vangout

24-page album, from age 3 - Éditions Talents Hauts 2011 The story: Giga Boy is the superhero his parents dream of, until the day he gets distracted and goes off to save the world with a pink scarf around his neck! Mocked by everyone, he leaves the land of the superheroes. Among the Heroes-All-Shorts, he saves a princess who dreams only of marriage, meets pirates, cowboys, Indians and wrestlers, then joins the army and discovers a mysterious door...



Giga-Boy has been adapted for the stage by Grégory Morin, who has been performing it since 2022.



  • France 5 Report in the Entrée Libre programme on 30/11/2011


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

Recommended by LES MATERNELLES on France 5
A story that encourages us to live our aspirations freely by daring to distance ourselves from norms. REVUE SILENCE
A beautiful book about identity, choice, independence and freedom. Gaël Aymon's writing is funny and provocative. Well done! ŒIL D'AILLEURS
Great and funny! LA MARE AUX MOTS
Faced with the terrifying shelves of Lego and lolita make-up boxes, "Giga-Boy" and "Contes d'un autre genre" attack stereotypes with humour. CHRISTIAN TESTIMONY
Giga-Boy is terribly endearing! A lovely plea for autonomy and free will. A formidably effective album! ENFANTIPAGES


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