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What a bummer! A fall from his bike and Lucas finds himself stuck at the camp, alone in the castle!

Illustrated by Annie Carbonneau

Novel 9-13 years - Bayard Presse - DLire n°175 - 07/2013 The story: What a bummer! After falling off his bike, Lucas finds himself stuck at the camp, with no campfire, no swimming, no everything! He has to stay at the castle, alone with a counsellor and Alice, the one who doesn't like anyone and who refuses to take part in any activities. But strange things are happening at the manor. What is Alice's secret? Where has Isabelle gone? And who is making those mournful cries every night in the deserted dormitory?

This story was republished in June 2019 in the special edition *Les trésors de J'aime Lire Max* n°16: "4 romans 100% vacances".


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