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The series that helps 5-7 year olds protect the oceans

5 volumes illustrated by Mélanie Roubineau

Hardback albums, 24 pages, from age 5 - Éditions Fleurus

A super team of little ocean saviours, made up of mermaids and children.

A collection that takes a very simple approach to the problems of marine pollution, to raise awareness among the very young. Each time, the children have an important role to play in helping the mermaids, because there are always things that everyone can do at their own level, without magic or big money!

Each story is followed by a double-page documentary.

THE PLASTIC PROM – 2021 Today, the mermaid Astrée and her friends discover thousands of colourful confetti in the ocean. How lovely! But they soon realise that their eyes are stinging, and that these decorations are in fact pieces of plastic that are polluting the sea. There's no time to lose! They have to clean up the ocean, and prevent it from happening again! To help them, the mermaids and undines call on their friends on land: Gaspard and Adèle.

THE SEABED FESTIVAL – 2021 Today, mermaid Ondine and her friends are on their way to the magnificent Deep Sea Festival. Alas, when they arrive, the party venue is deserted and completely damaged. They are told that a huge monster has devastated the place and swept all the guests away in a great net. The mermaids are thinking of a solution when the terrible net returns and grabs Ondine. There's no time to lose! All the animals must be freed!

THE MAGIC LAGOON – 2021 The mermaids are visiting the tropical waters of a splendid lagoon, but notice that the coral is losing its colour. They quickly have to find out what is bothering the animal and stop it. With the help of their human friends Adèle and Gaspard, the little mermaids solve the mystery and find a solution in no time.

THE NIGHT HEROES – 2021 Adèle and Gaspard discover that a boat is spilling dangerous liquids into the sea. They quickly call their friends the little mermaids! Using their powers, the mermaids manage to stop the disaster, and then it's the humans' turn to play!

THE ICE PALACE – 2022 Astrée, Timo and Ondine are worried: the ocean has overflowed into a playground! They visit the mermaids at the South Pole in the hope of finding a solution. There, they are told that because of global warming, the sea ice is melting and the water is rising all over the world. How can this be prevented?



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