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Prince Snowdrop will be what he will be

Illustrated by Peggy Nille

Large-format hardback album, 24 pages, from age 5 - Talents Hauts 2014 The story: Beyond the seven seas and the seven forests, in a country, in a kingdom, there was a young and pretty queen who was expecting a child. Her belly grew rounder every day, and her husband, the king, kept telling her: "Please, make me a son! For a daughter cannot rule the kingdom after me". To which the queen always replied: "He will be what he will be".

From the first edition of Tales of a different kind.



  • Snowdrop has been adapted for the stage by Cie Spectabilis, who have been performing it since 2014.



  • This tale is sponsored by Amnesty International: "Tales of a different kind. A reflection echoing Amnesty International's struggles".

  • PRIX LITTÉRAIRE du Val de l’Aurence 2016 de Limoges

  • Recommandé par le SNUipp

  • Sélection Prix Coquelicot 2016 (Betton)


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

It's not every day you get to witness the birth of a future classic! TÉLÉRAMA
A rare breath of freedom and poetry. LE MONDE DES LIVRES
The refined pen of this particularly gifted author breaks all the clichés. BIBA
Very clever, oh so subversive without being overly proselytising, we hope this book becomes a classic of children's literature. RICOCHET
Magnificent! LA MARE AUX MOTS
This superb tale is both very modern and very moving. OPALIVRES
Barely published and already timeless! A contagious wind of freedom. FILIATIO


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