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Magic shoes to dance your life away

Illustrated by Nancy Ribard

Ages 8 to 108 - Éditions Talents Hauts 2012

Large format hardback album, 24 pages

This edition is out of print since the tale was included in the new 2017 edition of Tales of a Different Kind The story: A lord married a young girl just as he had wished: as beautiful as he was tall, as fragile as he was strong. The more fragile she was, the stronger he felt. So he began to manhandle her. But the girl, who was much more than a doll, escaped him every night thanks to her shoes. Magic shoes! But one night, her husband discovered her secret...



  • This tale is sponsored by Amnesty International: "Amnesty International supports this sensitive tale, a hymn to the freedom for which it never stops fighting."

  • Sélection du Prix Katulu 2013 des bibliothèques de la communauté de communes de Mur-ès-Allier


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

A must have! FNAC
A real favourite! A must read! CÔTÉ MÔMES
The author's fine, discreet writing does not hide the violence, and that is the undeniable success of this book. Well done! 3 STARS
How does Gaël Aymon manage to tell us a story as poignant as this one? What a success! It's very, very beautiful. An album to be recommended to prescribers, teachers, librarians and others. ŒIL D'AILLEURS
Gaël Aymon uses storytelling as a medium. In doing so, he gives the reader the right distance between the imaginary and the real-life echo. A distance that makes it possible to tackle the most difficult subjects, even with the youngest readers, and especially with those for whom these stories are not fairy tales. PUMPKIN MAGAZINE


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