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FORGOTTEN HEROES VOL.1 "On the doorstep of oblivion"

Will Romain save the legends from oblivion?

Fantasy novel from age 10 - Actes Sud Jeunesse - 2015

Paperback 150 pages, and digital (Epub, Kindle...)

Followed by Volume 2 "The Masters" The story: Since childhood, Romain has been entrusted with a strange mission: to memorise all the myths in order to preserve their heroes from oblivion. As a final test, the boy is sent without explanation to the island of Pyborrhea to stay with his godfather, Gaius. There, Romain witnesses mysterious phenomena and finds himself brutally plunged into the heart of these legends.

A saga that skilfully combines intrigue with twists and turns, mythological references and the psychological depth of the characters.



  • Sélection Grand Prix des Lecteurs du journal de Mickey 2015.

  • Sélection Prix Goupil 2015 de Vichy.


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

Far removed from current trends, Gaël Aymon plunges us into a dark and brutal world with a steady pace that should delight hardened readers who like to be frightened. THE WORLD OF BOOKS
For those who already love fantasy and for those who would like to try it out. LA LIBERTÉ
Thirsty for adventure? You won't have time to catch your breath and, like Romain, you'll be drawn in. GULLY MAG
This novel pushes the boundaries of traditional fantasy and offers readers a plot that is as original as it is breathtaking. RICOCHET
In this masterful quest, the characters are endearing and often turn out to be quite different from what they seem at first sight. We can't wait for Volume 2! ARS UNA BOOKSHOP
A fast-paced adventure story whose charm grows with every page! LIBRAIRIE RAVY


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