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Will Grim find his voice on the golden swamp?

Illustrated by Violaine Leroy

Large format novel from age 12 - Éditions Nathan - 9 September 2021

Paperback 324 pages, and in digital format Story : An adventure novel with an inimitable style!

On the run from a mysterious danger, Grim, a mute boy who hides his past, discovers a world populated by different human species, in a golden swamp in the heart of purple forests. He sets off on a journey to the Queen's palace to warn her of a plot against her.




  • Adolire PRIZE selection 2022-2023

  • Selected for the Prix Jean-Claude IZZO 2022


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

From the very first pages, you'll be mesmerised. A captivating adventure. A powerful story of friendship. An intoxicating novel! LE 1 DES LIBRAIRES
Wide-ranging and ambitious, carried along by a breath of fresh air and the (all too often overused) belief in friendship, "Grim, Fils du Marais" (Grim, Son of the Marsh) brings back memories of the thrills we felt reading "The Knife of Never Letting Go". That's what makes this novel such a great success. LIBRAIRIE RÉCRÉALIVRES
A lavish novel, a marvellous yet terrible dystopia, combining fantasy and adventure to take us on a journey. A book that's hard to put down! BOOKSELLER PAGE
A formidable dystopia with a very special universe. A fascinating novel bathed in a strange atmosphere that is both gentle and pernicious! THE CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW n°322
Extraordinary! One of the best releases in this genre in recent years! HARTLIEBS BÜCHER BOOKSTORE, Vienna
A hero with a big heart. A fast-paced adventure novel that gives pride of place to friendship while asking us questions about our societies and how they are organised. Thrilling and profound! LIBRAIRIE LA RUE EN PENTE
A must-read! A wonderful adventure that puts the collective in the spotlight. NEW CHILDREN'S LITERATURE
My favourite! I loved this surprising and original novel, where everything is waiting to be discovered! FNAC Beauvais
A novel like we're not used to seeing, impossible to classify, both surprising and exhilarating! SHARLENE CHILDREN'S BOOKSELLER
A real favourite! It's impossible to put down this breathless novel about an endearing hero. Gaël Aymon gives us a treat! TIRE-LIRE BOOKSHOP
Amazing! An infinitely intelligent read filled with the most extraordinary adventures, dazzling twists and turns and friendships capable of changing the world. LIBRAIRIE L'ÉMILE
What a universe! What breath and what style! A magnificent reflection on the power of friendship. The uniqueness and success of this novel also lie in its distinctive style. A thrilling and profound novel, just the way we like them. Don't miss it! BOB & JEAN-MICHEL
Fantastic, bewitching and spellbinding. An intoxicating novel from beginning to end! THE BOOKAHOLIC TEENAGER
A novel that blew my mind and will stay with me for a very long time! BOOKS & BOOM
A fantastic and thrilling adventure, full of action and suspense, sometimes reminiscent of the thorny world of Grimm's fairy tales LIBRAIRIE SAURAMPS
Thrilling and profound! LIBRAIRIE ELKAR
It's so good to see Gaël Aymon back in pure fantasy. A beautiful novel, as richly visual as it is human! YOZONE
A sticky odyssey in a decaying world, but with a luminous main character. The language used by Grim is strikingly accurate. TWISTED WORDS AND SQUARE BUBBLES
A spellbinding fable with a taste of childhood and hope. LE CLUB ENFANTIPAGE
It's as much an adventure story as it is an introspective look at its characters! WORD TIME
It's always a pleasure to read Gaël Aymon! What a piece of writing! What a novel! LE BATEAU LIVRE BOOKSHOP
A highly inventive journey of initiation between fantasy and dystopia! FESTIVAL DE L'IMAGINAIRE SiRENNES

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Revue de Presse GRIM
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