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A ship stranded on an unknown planet, a hostile people and... murder!

SF novel from age 14 - Éditions Nathan

Paperback 272 pages, and in digital format. The story : In order to repair their damaged ship, a group of space explorers crash-land on an unknown planet. The discovery of the ruins of a vanished civilisation rekindles the captain's hopes: could this new planet be habitable? But some of the crew are desperate to leave as soon as possible, despite the state of the ship...

A sudden encounter with a primitive people who believe them to be gods, the Seven Sleepers, presents them with a crucial choice: play the usurper or deceive their hosts?

A saga that skilfully combines intrigue with twists and turns, mythological references and the psychological depth of the characters.



  • Sélection Prix Littéraire des Lycées Professionnels du Haut-Rhin 2019

  • Sélection Prix littéraires du Giennois 2019

  • Sélection Prix Books en scène Canopé 31 2019

  • Sélection Prix des Bouquineurs d'Armor 2019


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

There is poetry in this subtly charming SF novel. And it is in this singularity of atmosphere, tone and literary ambition that the beauty of this novel of restrained violence unfolds, illuminated in the end by a love story with timeless overtones. TÉLÉRAMA
We devour the pages at breakneck speed, so engrossed are we in the game alongside the complex protagonists, in a most atypical journey that we can only recommend. NEWS
Thrilling, breathtaking, worthy of the best science fiction novels. LIBRAIRIE ATOUT LIVRE
This book has all the hallmarks of the best Planet Opera novels (...) A worthy heir to Bradbury, Orwell and the others. CULTURA BRIVE
A little gem that appeals to our intelligence. None of the characters is archetypal, nothing follows a predictable pattern, everything rings true, possible, true. YOZONE
Our favourite! A tragic dance that raises many topical issues. L'OUVR'ÂGE
This novel is not lacking in ambition. It denies itself nothing, doesn't take young people for idiots and takes the trouble to build a rich universe with characters and a narrative to match. PHEBUSA


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