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The tender, funny series that makes 8-10 year-olds grow up!

Illustrated by Élodie Durand

Illustrated novels, 48-56 pages, "Premiers Romans" collection

from age 7 - Éditions Nathan - 2020


Ness and her friends have been planning their Halloween party for weeks. This year, they want to go trick-or-treating by themselves. But it's hard to find costumes and get their parents to agree. Especially when Ysée starts to get scared to death!



Ness, Oscar, Edvin, Ysée and Luce are spending the weekend at the twins' country house. The programme includes trampolines, pancakes and tree houses... But Edvin is glued to his mobile phone and the others are starting to feel ignored. When the gang get lost deep in the forest, can Edvin and his mobile phone save them?



Ever since Oscar received a book on ecology, he's been determined to change his habits and those of his friends. Deep down, he's right, but he's becoming a pain...

About the difficulty of being committed without being anxious (and anxious) when you're a child and you feel powerless.



Ness, Oscar, Ysée and Luce are on alert: Edvin has made friends with someone new. Soon he's the only one they're interested in: "Enzo draws too well, Enzo's got the coolest games, Enzo's got a great flat...". But Enzo ignores them all and seems only interested in Edvin, who is gradually turning away from his friends. It's time to take action against this friend-stealer!



Ysée and Luce had found the code to unlock their parents' tablet! We were all over-excited: now we could watch horror films that were forbidden by adults! But then Luce changed her mind. So we came up with a plan to watch it without her...



Ever since she went to the Megastars concert with her friends, Ness has had one fixed idea: to be as famous as Lisa Rosa, the group's lead singer. And just as well, her birthday is coming up. It's the perfect opportunity to give her first concert in front of her friends and family! But Ness soon turns into a tyrant with the whims of a star...



Ysée has a big secret: she's in love with Denyce, Edvin's older brother! Her friends are taken aback at first, but decide to help her make a love potion with the help of Nastia, Edvin's grandmother. But not everything goes according to plan...



Ness finds all her stuff rubbish. So she decides to take part in a garage sale with her friends. It's not easy convincing them to sell their toys (and not hers). And it's not easy to raise money without spending it all...


PRESS REVIEWS (extracts)

Halloween is an opportunity to organise a party, but also to talk about death. A taboo subject for some, essential for others, and intelligently tackled. An interesting series for young readers. A L'OMBRE DU GRAND ARBRE
In this series, Gaël Aymon and Élodie Durand tackle important subjects without being bombastic or guilt-inducing. The author strikes just the right tone. It's very well done. LIVRES D'AVRIL
A promising start to the series, with a fast-paced, intelligent story full of finesse and delicate illustrations! PAGE DES LIBRAIRES
A great series for 7-10 year-olds that talks about their everyday lives, with characters they will recognise themselves in. The author adds a social dimension. The stories are exciting, full of twists and turns, and cover a wide range of themes. LA MARE AUX MOTS
The tone is light, the situations very close to the everyday lives of young readers, and each title is an opportunity for a little reflection on living together, thanks to the diversity of the characters and their points of view. LIVRJEUN NANTES
Our favourite series! We love the narrative power of the story. It's fluid, you get hooked straight away and you don't want to close the book. Gaël Aymon skilfully explores the themes that shape the world of children in this age group. LA PETITE NOTULE
A success. A much-loved series in my children's bedrooms. DANS LA CHAMBRE DE MES ENFANTS



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