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Inky-Winky-Winky-Minky-Zoom! On your chopsticks and watch out for pigeons!

Illustrated by Clément Lefèvre

Novel J'aime Lire 7-10 years - Bayard Presse - EPUB - December 2017

(reprint of the text published in J'aime Lire n°429, October 2012) The story: As usual, Dad had decided that we could go out in between showers. Of course, the park was almost deserted. That's when we came across the witch's bench. We didn't know she was a witch yet, but we were soon to find out...

This story was republished in December 2022 in the special edition *Les trésors de J'aime Lire* n°43: "3 romans pour se faire peur" (3 novels to scare yourself).


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